Zen Productivity is dedicated to helping Busy Professionals like you, from any field, create time for What Matters Most: Self-care, Relationships, and Meaningful Work.

But how is it possible to achieve this? It’s actually not as hard as you think.

As a busy physician I was struggling with poor eating habits and no time for my family at the expense of doing work that did not make me feel fulfilled.

I then started looking at how the most productive and successful people such as the best musicians, athletes, CEOs, and other busy professionals lived and worked. I started to see common themes in what makes “successful people” seem productive. It wasn’t innate talent or genetics that like I initially thought but just simple techniques and habits they developed.

I then implement these simple techniques in my life to see what works and doesn’t work. Since then, I have been able to do amazing things at work (multiple research articles, editor of a textbook, fulfilling clinical practice) while still prioritizing self-care and my relationships with my wife and kids.

The most common saying I hear from Busy Professionals is “I don’t have time.” Well, you actually do have time! The Zen Productivity Blog is dedicated to sharing the proven productivity techniques, used by all of the most productive people in the world, to help you create time for all the things that matter MOST to you.

Zen Productivity Vi Dinh Photo
Vi Dinh, MD
Zen Productivity Founder/Editor

Contact Us: editor@zenproductivity.com

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